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Seapupil Start-up team set up



Seapupil Company was established



The first Seapupil MK1 prototype was built



Seapupil MK1 start mass production



Seapupil MK1 officially put on the Phuket market



Seapupil Start-up team set up

The establishment of Seapupil Technology comes from a simple idea of the founder: "To create a series of novel and fun ocean entertainment equipment, and to give a unique business model to make it all over the world."
So after the idea sprouted, the founder quickly found the first round of seed investment and set up a start-up team in the same period.



The establishment of Seapupil Technology

It is named "Seapupil" because it hopes that the company can become the eyes of the ocean entertainment technology, not only to lead users to experience the beauty of the ocean, but also to be warmly care about the safety of users. In the future, every product released by Seapupil technology must be based on safety to lead the public to experience the different beauty of the ocean.



The first Seapupil MK1 prototype

With more than ten years of experience in R & D and production and countless days and nights of struggle, the first wearable underwater scooter "Seapupil MK1" prototype has been launched, which is Seapupil's first product, first patent and first milestone. When we hold up this rough set of handmade prototype, the mood is uncontrollable excitement. (although it has become "waste" after many violent tests, it is still Seapupil's most precious asset.)



Seapupil MK1 start mass production

Even if the prototype becomes "waste" after violent test, it provides numerous valuable reference experience for our mass production. Next, in order to mass production, repeated modification and replacement, hundreds of thousands of precision molds were changed and changed, thousands of spare parts were all scrapped due to small defects, and great efforts were made to present the best finished products to users. Fortunately, the official mass production version of SEAPUPIL MK1 is not only waterproof with a depth of 50 meters and a full speed endurance of 57 minutes, but also far superior to the ordinary "toy class underwater scooter" in terms of its anti falling and anti hitting ability.



Seapupil MK1 officially put on the Phuket market

Although Seapupil technology has excellent product R & D capabilities, the real core is the business model. Seapupil promotes the equipment to the island through the business mode of "rent only, not sell". On the one hand, it allows businesses to get the equipment for free to users, on the other hand, it allows users to avoid the trouble of traveling with the equipment and greatly saves the cost of purchasing the equipment. In September 2019, the first batch of businesses in Phuket officially accepted the laying of SEAPUPIL MK1. At present, users can experience haitong-1 in Phuket through online and offline booking.




What is SEAPUPIL MK1 ?

SEAPUPIL MK1 is a wearable underwater scooter,compared with the traditional scooter, it is not only easy to learn, but also easy to use. At the same time, freeing hands and super long endurance make users safer and happier when they use it. At the end of the article, there will be a detailed introduction of the product.


What is the difference of SEAPUPIL business model?

Different from the traditional product retail, Seapupil's core is the business model of "only renting but not selling". By cooperating with overseas Island businesses, Seapupil has laid the equipment to the local businesses in a completely free way. Users no longer need to spend money to buy a product that can not be used several times a year, and they no longer need to carry the equipment everywhere when they need to play.



How to cooperate with Seapupil?

First of all, contact our customer service or account manager by phone, email or social software, submit your relevant information truthfully, and we will send a special person to customize the appropriate laying scheme for you. Then, after signing the relevant agreement, we will transport all the equipment to your actual business site within 30 natural days. Finally, through online and offline channels for your publicity. Note: we will not charge any fees for equipment delivery, transportation, maintenance and replacement. According to your local business conditions, we only charge part of the rental price.



How can users to use it?

Users can check or consult whether there are rental points in overseas travel destinations through our Facebook, website, etc. Users of domestic travel destinations can directly apply for personal use lease. The price varies according to the number of days they need to use. The minimum price is only $8 per day.



Is the Seapupil MK1 suitable for diver?

Scuba divers below DM level based on the current diving certification system are not applicable temporarily, and divers above DM level can use it according to their own ability.
The adaptability of free divers is very high. According to the feedback from some diver master, the SEAPUPIL MK1 can not only help them save energy, but also greatly extend the underwater suffocation time and maximum depth. Each dive can get more experience.




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