Seapupil MK1
Seapupil MK1 Specification
Weight: 4.5kg 
Voltage: 15V 
Seapupil MK1 was inspired by the wearable underwater scooter used by SEALs while opreating under the water. By controlling the power output and redesign in the shape,we make it be suitable for normal consumer and let users who love the ocean to enjoy being a "underwater ironman"

Battery Capacity: 20000mah

Power output: 12kg

Waterproof depth: 20m
Battery life: 57mins

Charging time: 4 hours

Speed control: 0-2m/s

Seapupil MK2

Seapupil MK2 is an electric inflatable boat used in indoor aquatic entertainment places. It is equipped with seapupil MK1 same motor and a 10000mah lithium battery. The maximum speed is 2m / s and the endurance is more than 60 minutes

Seapupil MK2 Specification
Weight: 4.5kg 
Voltage: 15V 

Battery Capacity: 10000mah

Power output: 6kg

Charging time: 2 hours

Speed control: 0-2m/s